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Music Marketing
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Let's get real. If you've released awesome music with very few streams, unfortunately that means you have very few fans. To muddy the mix further, even if you have strong streaming numbers, it may just mean that fans are connecting with your song, not necessarily with you.


Follows, likes, and streams may feel like fans, but if there is little investment in you, your merch, or your shows they are not real fans. 

We'll get you in front of music fans. Lots of them. And if your Garage Brand campaign goes viral, we'll partner up to unlock global music industry opportunities, but only if it aligns with your goals.

Step One

Sign-up for one of our easy peasy programmatic digital marketing packages. We'll book your consult, work together via video chat, and set up your campaign.

Step Three

Grow an authentic fanbase, capture critical emails, and advance your career meaningfully. You'll  receive a fully transparent metric report of campaign results that we'll analyze with you. 

Step Two

We'll create and launch your campaign to a customized fan-focused target audience. Each campaign runs and  optimizes quarterly. Your campaign ads appear on premium websites across the US and socials around the world.

Step Four

Post-campaign, our world-class A&R team reviews metrics, content, and assets to offer a custom artist or label partnership to select clients based on your team needs and goals. Zero upfront fees. We earn when you earn and proportionate to our investment.


Opportunities may include:

  • Strategic Counsel & Networking 

  • Synch/Licensing & Publishing

  • Artist Representation

  • Brand Sponsorship

  • Global Promotion

  • Promoted Livestream & Live Events

  • Funding & Financing

  • Team Building/Filling in Team Gaps

  • Digital & Physical Distribution

Unprecedented Opportunity.
Unparalled Team.

Who We Are

Garage Brand's Grammy & Clio award winning senior leadership developed nearly every music icon and world-class brand you can name and hold honors of hundreds of platinum albums. 

You are in good hands.

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Let's Do This.

Yes, it's time to invest in your career again, so this time invest in a platform that works for you, not the other way around. Book your campaign and introductory meeting with your new team right now. Relax. We've got your back.