Simplified & Packaged Cutting Edge Digital Tactics Reaching Music Fans Around the World. 

Fan Targeted Digital Display Advertising & Retargeting

Programmatic impressions (digital display ads) delivered to premium websites across the US based on your custom target audience that link back to your URL.  Retargeting delivers digital ads to fans who visited your URL.

Event Geo Fencing & Retargeting

Deliver digital ad impressions to all devices to music fans captured within geofenced locations immediately and up to 30 days with retargeting. Fence in clubs, theatres, retail, concerts, or wherever suits your campaign.

Music Video Programmatic Promotion

Music video promotion via programmatic social display or in-banner video campaigns across all relevant platforms and premium websites around the world. 

Post Campaign A&R Review for Global Opportunities

Post-campaign, our world-class A&R team reviews metrics, content, and assets to offer a custom artist or label partnership to select clients based on team needs and goals. Zero upfront fees. Garage Brand only earns money when artists and labels do and our split is limited and proportionate to our investment.


Opportunities may include:​

  • Global Strategy, Counsel, & Networking

  • Synch/Licensing & Publishing

  • Artist Representation

  • Global Promotion

  • Brand Sponsorships

  • Promoted Livestream & Live Events

  • Funding & Financing

  • Team Building/Filling in Team Gaps

  • Digital & Physical Distribution

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