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Let's Break It Down.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of How Garage Brand Works.

What is Automated or "Programmatic" Advertising?

Essentially, it is targeted online advertising, which provides a way to make sure that your ads end up in front of the people most likely to become customers, fans, or clients. We’ll make sure that your ads are where they should be, and where your customers are already online, and ready to act!

How do we choose your target audience?

We work together! No one knows your business better than you, but a new set of objective eyes, is always helpful. Think about the following:

Who should see your ad? – We find people already searching for your products and services.

When should the ads run? – You control your time frame, but campaigns or flights may optimize over 90 days.

Where should your ads shows up? – You choose the radius around your business or by zip code or the entire US. You may also decide that keyword search is a better option based on your business.

What budget do you have? – Start big or small. There’s no contract! Our minimum buy-in is the LaunchPad Flight @ $1,200.00.

Why should people choose to become a client, customer, or fan of yours? We'll reach them when they are looking for something or someone just like you.

We’ll take your market data and curate your ad "flight" to make it work best for you.

What is a "flight"?

A flight is a fancy term for a campaign ad buy that will run a certain amount of time. 

  1. Choose your timeframe: We generally run 3-month flights.

  2. Choose your messaging: Ensure messaging is relevant for both the time it’s in market and the booking window.

  3. Monitor the data: We will watch the data/KPI’s. If we start to see ad fatigue, we can change up the image, tweak the copy, review the target audience, etc. A small change can have a big impact on campaign performance.

What tactics do we deploy?

Keyword Search - We curate a collection of potential keywords/phrases to deploy during the flight. Ads will appear across premium US websites, leading to your website.

Website Retargeting - After clicking on your website, the visitor will see additional ads directing back to your site.

Behavioral - Online browsing, shopping, and interests of the target audience.

Addressable Geo Fence - We target audience by zip, city, state, etc. which may be from a first party list or curated with an audience tool.

Programmatic Social* In-Banner Video - If you have an interesting short form video or clip, we can integrate into social platforms. Ostensibly, it transforms a social video post into a programmatic ad.

Programmatic Social* Display - Same as the above, but using a still image.

*Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

Who are your main competitors and why is Garage Brand so comparatively cost effective?

Generally speaking, your "local" media houses like newspapers, terrestrial radio stations, local cable stations, etc. are our competition. They all jumped on the programmatic bandwagon as interest waned in their own media. It's a way for them to compete, but their rates are bloated because they have no choice, as they are for the most part regional divisions of megacorps with high overhead. But, you do have choice! And that's why we exist, and how we can drop our rates exponentially. Depending on your market, you may be able to save between 30-75%! Yeah.

So, how is the sausage made? 

Once you select your package flight, we get to work. Ads are actually bought and sold on an exchange where RTB (real-time bidding) occurs. The engineers lock-in and off your ads go based on your targets and tactics. This is why your package flight rate will not change, but the impressions delivered (amount of digital ads served up) may fluctuate slightly based on the actual final bid.

What are conversions?

Conversions are the results of your goals for a successful flight and are generally CTR (click through rates), which means your goal is to get potential customers, clients, or fans to your website to grow your email list and/or generate sales. You'll receive transparent reporting of the flight results.

Why should I focus on sales and not likes or followers?

If you've been at the social media game for any amount of time, you know the answer to that question, already. Likes and Followers are not true Fans, Clients, or Customers. Converting them requires a Herculean effort, and even then it may not work. We've gone down the social rabbit hole ourselves, wasting hours every day churning out content that in the end benefited the social media platform, not our interests. Further, it is very important to own your subscriber list to market, sell, inform, educate, and pitch to, which as you know, with social media, you own nothing. Garage Brand has completely bailed on social media, with the exception of programmatic social, which converts posts to ads, but we only drive traffic to your site, not your social pages, unless you are an influencer.

Are all business verticals charged the same rate?

Glad you asked! No. A few industries like Cana, CBD, and alcohol are required to pay higher rates. We can explore options if you land in one of those categories.

Can I create a custom flight package?

Yes! Reach out and say hi now.

Does Garage Brand work the same way for the creator community?

Yes! Creators, whether indie music artists, filmmakers, designers, writers, artisans, etc. are all small businesses, and it works just the same! In fact, it is imperative, in order to find success that you act in your own best interest as the entrepreneurial small biz that you really are!

What about creatives? And are you a creative agency?

Creatives are your ads that include the graphic design, assets, copy, images, etc. If you are providing them the next question will answer yours. If you need us to get involved in creating the ad unit sets (we use 5 different ad sizes), we can build them with your assets/copy for a few extra dollars. If you need us to be super creative and develop logos, tag lines, copy, and media, we can do that too, with customized rates. In that instance, we would be more like your a la carte "agency."

What ad units do you use?

The general ad unit set is as follows: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 300x50 and 320x50.

Others may be required based on tactic, and we will let you know.

When do I pay?

All Garage Brand clients pre-pay after we settle on the package flight during our initial call, or upon your purchase of a package flight.

Do you still work with music artists beyond Garage Brand?

Yes! We maintain world-class relationships in the music industry and are happy to explore options with uber-talented artists on a case by case basis.

Can you integrate CTV and Audio Streaming Ads? And can you help me create them?

Yes! We can customize packages for CTV and Audio Streaming Ads and even produce your ad spots with world-class production and license music to synch to the spots with top indie music artists and sound designers.

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